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Oakland Website design

How to Hire a Top Website designer in Oakland, Ca

Think you need a web design degree to create an online presence that looks professional? Think again. By following these simple tips, you can find and work with the best web design agency for your needs – no diploma required. Happy browsing!


If you're looking for a website designer in the Bay Area, look no further than Oakland, CA. With Ai and software companies being major employers as well as entrepreneurs making up part of what makes this city great - it's not surprising there are so many talented designers who work in all type of industries of web design that caters to health & fitness or financing, hospitality, professional services etc.

Let’s dig in on a few ways you can make sure you hire the correct website design company in Oakland, CA

1. Does the website agency have marketing experience?

Make sure the website design company you choose has experience in marketing, as this will be their main priority when designing your site. A good way of ensuring that they know how to convert visitors into leads and customers would be checking how well they did with their own website. Do they have compelling Call To Actions, compelling copy, pop up forms, sign up forms, is their information displayed for the visitor, is the layout easy for the reader to digest the copy? Another way is to check if they have other projects which can give an indicator about what type(s) of content may attract certain audiences more than others - just like TV commercials have very specific target markets!

2. How much experience does this agency have?

The best website design agency is one with experience.  They will know what it takes to get your business up and running, even if you're not sure yourself!  An experienced website design company will have more knowledge and technique than someone who just designs and develops websites. Surly by now you know that website design is a lot more than just putting up a “pretty” website. You want a designer who understands how to USE a website and can help you produce better results for your business or brand name's online presence. 

So, if they cannot show off past projects or talk about how their services would benefit you at an eighth-grade level, then you should definitely keep shopping.

Also, if this is your first website with your first business idea, you would want a web designers that catered to the needs of small and medium businesses, that would be ideal. The more experience an agency has, especially one who works with these types; they're often self-funded or running off sales alone which makes liquidity a problem (especially in this economic climate). In addition, marketing exposure can also difficult when there isn't much money available - so good knowledge on how best handle those issues will make all difference!

3. Do they have a good website that looks professional and well designed?

Do they have an appealing website that is easy to understand?

If you've found a web design company with the experience, marketing knowledge and interest in your site's development; then it’s time for the next check. If this marketing agency’s own website design lacks professionalism or are just not on top of their game with the look and feel of a great website—then they'll miss out on understanding other facets altogether! This should be another big flag waving at us in making the decision to hire.



4. Is their website built to convert visitors?

The website needs to be designed with the goal in mind of generating leads and converting visitors into customers. There's no point of having a "pretty" site if it doesn't generate any traffic or make people want more from you! Do the web designers have compelling call-to-actions? This can greatly increase conversion rates, Is their contact information easily accessible at all times such as via phone number, forms, email etc.? Do we see what content is available here by reading through individual pages rather than jumping around like some search engine results pages (SERPs) where one might find themselves lost without direction because there are too many options); also called fluff text

5. Does this website agency have a portfolio of past work or reviews?

What kind of work has this website design company done before? Does their portfolio show off the best projects they've ever undertaken or are most people not impressed by what's on display at all? You should look into any customer reviews that pop up when searching for them online, as well. Now is an excellent time to do so because many past clients can so easily share any negative reviews.



And lastly!...


6. How does the web agency communicate with their clients?

Web design agencies are not one-size fits all. You need to find an agency that matches your needs and vision, which is why it's important for each web designer at this company to have two way communication with their client base throughout the entire project process from start to finish! Are they expressing that when you talk to them or when you visit their website? If you're looking into hiring someone, make sure they can explain things or provide feedback on potential designs before moving forward - don't settle because there are many things the website designer and client have to communicate on.

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Congratulations! You've found a professional website design company in Oakland, CA that will not only help you create an amazing site, but also increase your chances at success by providing SEO and different organic marketing services.

If you have NOT found a proper web design company we would love to help! Book a call or submit a form and tell us more about your project


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