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search engine optimization company servicing the San Francisco Bay Area

We know SEO from the inside out.
Get more leads to your website, plain and simple


is a must-have in digital marketing


Online Experiences begin
with a search engine


Online Experiences of internet users rely on search engines

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Laptop displaying customer SEO metrics

When your prospects and customers go online with the intent to buy, they start with a search engine. Our inside SEO strategies make sure customers searching for your product or service, they find your website in search results—not your competitors. At Splash Media we understand that’s what makes SEO so powerful. It’s an essential wheelhouse of digital marketing that no business can afford to overlook.

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Here’s How We Drive More Leads to Your Website

There is only so much space on the first search page, and the competition for those spots are fierce. That’s because the higher your page ranks on a search results page, the more clicks or visits you will get to your website. We call that your click-through rate.

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And that means more business to your website.

The problem is, too many SEO services drag out the results
by using long tail keywords Tactics or low quality referrals.
We don’t, and we work with you to develop a well-positioned
SEO plan based on proven strategies that WORK.
Then we execute that plan over and over until you see results fine tuning everything as we go for faster and longer
sustaining results.

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SEO Content

From all of your webpages to blogs articles, we help you publish keyword-rich, search-optimized content that search engines (and your users!) will love.

Keyword Strategy
We don’t move forward until we identify and target the right mix of keywords based on industry,
competitor research, and search data.

Building Authoritative Links

This is what separates the men from the boys
We build your domain authority by
generating QUALITY backlinks to your site from other authoritative websites.
Quality is senior to volume

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Backend SEO

Our experienced team of SEO experts will
take care of all the complicated technical items so your site can be easily crawled and indexed.

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Page Load Speed

Google loves speed and gives you bonus points if your
Page has a fast load time. We’ll optimize your site to load BLAZING fast, including for mobile devices.

We know what search engines like and we have proven strategies for search
optimization. What we deliver is a done for you solution to getting organic traffic that will convert into business for you.

Best SEO Company

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Why SEO?

This is one of the most common questions that brands
and business owners have when it comes to digital
marketing. SEO is not sexy to talk about because it
doesn’t come with the speed that paid advertising comes
with. However, most business owners don’t realize that
the moment they stop spending money for ads, well that’s
the moment when their leads stop coming in.

SEO on the other hand will take time yes BUT will last
forever, think of having hundreds of thousands of avenues
leading back to your website, that will stay there and
continue to bring in leads. There are so many benefits for
your business with a successful SEO campaign. If you’re
looking for a top-rated SEO agency that will take your
campaign to a new stratosphere, then here you are. Get in
touch with us online to talk about your custom SEO strategy.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO as it’s commonly called is the process of driving organic traffic to a website or landing page.

What is organic traffic? The term “organic traffic” refers to the visits received by your website through unpaid search results, thus it’s called organic. Like we mentioned, paid advertising is generated through paid ads, organic traffic is purely sourced from organic search results. Meaning that visitors found your business website by searching for certain keywords in search engines like Google or Bing.

The base of every business should be one that focuses on generating organic traffic BEFORE paid ads.

When done correct, SEO will improve your search engine rankings for specific keywords and keyword phrases which will result in organic leads to your website primed for transactions. We are talking utilizing website design for optimized on page SEO, referrals from trusted sites, blog articles for strategic keyword-rich articles that will pull prospects toward your website and ultimately your business!

splash media member explaining how to rank #1 on google for certain keywords in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Google home page screenshot
side by side comparison between paid advertising and organic rankings
Laptop displaying search traffic and SEO

How Does
SEO Work?

When a user searches a keyword or phrase in a search engine like Google or Bing, it will pull the most relevant websites that satisfy what the user is looking for. That list is called the
search results. At the top of the search engine results page (SERP), you will see the paid advertising listings that are provided by the search engine themselves such as Google
Ads, Bing Ads, and more. Now the rest search results or
websites from the listing that are not labeled as “Ad” are the organic search results.

After a query has been entered in Google or Bing, the search term will be analyze and the search engines will provide the
most relevant websites for the user. The main target with SEO
is for your website to be listed on the first page of the results
for specific keywords related to your business – the higher the rank, the better so we shoot for number one every time. Data shows, 75% of online users don’t bother scrolling past the first page of the results. So we don’t focus on anything but that number one spot

More stats on the first page, the first five organic results
account for 67.60% of all the clicks. For a new website to
secure a high search ranking, SEO is used to optimize your website for your targeted keyword phases and keywords.
Search optimization is a complex process but with the right
team we can use our ALL our marketing knowledge and
networks to streamline the rankings in your favor.

SEO Facts for every
business owner to know

93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

If this doesn’t scream buyer intent to you, I don’t know what will. These aren’t Facebook ads we’re talking about where the ad pops up in a feed unknowingly to the user, people are searching for what you are selling right at this moment!

Google currently holds 92.81% of the global search engine market share

We all know this, google dominates search followed by Bing at 2.79% and Yahoo! At 1.87%. Without saying we will focus majority of efforts on google as that is where our specialty is and that is the big needle mover.

80% of customers research a company online BEFORE making a buying decision

SEO is an excellent tool because we can put your business in front of customers with high buying intent, the chance for a conversion is very high.

This is where strategy comes into play as far as the right keywords and phrases AND the right buyer data (your customer personas) Tons of tricks we can do here.

75% of internet users never make it to the second page of the search results.

Pretty self-explanatory here, go big or go BIGGER to land on that number one spot. This will springboard you in so many other areas and it will be great for your business. Reach out to us and tell us how we can serve you.

72% of digital marketers said that content is one of their most effective SEO strategies.

Let's be clear, content marketing and SEO are two different ballgames. However, they work together in the sense that content connects to your website SEO efforts. Content (including social) has their own ability to be optimized for keywords that lead to your website pages or products.

We have a whole marketing playbook that covers organic marketing including an over the shoulder step by step guide to content marketing for everyone that does business with us. ($5,000 in value)

72% of customers who have performed a local search are likely to visit a store within 5 miles.

Again, the importance of local SEO which is a little different organic ranking. If you have a retail or brick and mortar store this is the first area we will focus on.

28% of local searches result in a purchase

Massive stat for local businesses. These are people who want to find a restaurant, bakery, boutique, dentist, plumber etc.  They want what’s is right next to them.

The SEO strategies we use for local rankings will not be seen anywhere else we can guarantee that.


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How long does SEO take?

Hard to rank keywords - Are typically 12 months but with Splash Media, results occur
closer to 6-8 months.

macbook displaying Search Engine metrics

Easier ranking industries – Are typically 3-6 months

It will ultimately depend on your industry competition, the more competition the harder/longer it
will be to rank. Again, what every you are trying to search for, we guarantee you we can rank It,
and rank it faster than our competitors.

Organic marketing check list

What other organic marketing is there?

Content marketing such as blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social platform.
There is a way to SEO optimize all content as well as a full system and strategy to distribute. We
have made a playbook for each of our clients to show them with over the shoulder training how to
content distribute like a master. Or we can do it for you as well!

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What works hand in hand with SEO

All marketing efforts form content marketing to SEO to paid advertising or local rankings has
its place and will not go wasted. Think of digital marketing like seeds, the more you plant on
the internet, the more roots lead back to your products of services. Let us do the heavy lifting
while you focus on working the big plays in your business.

Business briefcase

Will this work for my business?

Absolutely! SEO and proper Website Design should be top priority for every business out there
and we can help be that marketing team in your corner. If you'd rather go it alone and use a

digital marketing consultant feel free to contact us there as well.

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