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SEO Marketing in San Jose,CA

SEO is the best way to make sure that potential customers can find your business page. In this post, we'll explain everything you need to know about ranking your website for lead generation and how it works with search engine results pages (SERPs). Let's get started!

What Exactly Is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's a way to make your website rank higher in Google, Yahoo & Bing search results. The lower you appear on the page rankings = less traffic from customers or potential clients. This will have an effect of how much sales get added to your top line, if nobody knows about you or your company then it is impossible for any business to survive. Optimizing for Google search doesn't take much time either; just some minor changes can do wonders when implemented correctly into existing content so be sure not neglect these crucial points about what makes good advertising.

How Does Google Rank Pages

Google has been at the forefront of internet innovation since its inception. This means they have access to vast amounts of data which can be used for showing the right page for the right search. The key here though is having quality content (copy/ written) Google has to understand what you’re saying is all about who you serve how you can solve their problems or answer the questions, and this all comes from good copy. There’s two main parts in search engine optimization part one is on site optimization, that means everything on the website is optimize so that Google can read and understand what your side is about or what you offer. Part two is offsite optimization, you get that by other trusted websites mentioning your domain.



Let's break down what a proper optimize website looks like by looking at the three big needle movers for google. 

Part 1 (On-Site SEO)

Google's algorithm reads heavy on the text in your website’s content, not tags or formatting. A massive portion of what they care about are words written on a page, the information being shared, and overall, what is this website about? It wants to read certain keywords and find their distribution throughout each webpage you have created for them. For example, a local pool cleaner will naturally have the word “pool cleaner & pool cleaning” a good number of times so Google will keep that data for when someone searches “pool cleaner”. 


Tip – don’t overdo your keywords when building your website, Google is hip to that and will lower your rankings.


In addition to keywords, there are three big things google will look at right off the bat.


1.  Meta Title and Meta Description



Meta-title and Meta description are what you see when you search something, the meta-title is the blue clickable words that will take you to a website. Underneath the blue clickable words lie the meta-description, this is a short snippet of what the website is about what the page is about. If you want to make sure that Google's top spots do not neglect labeling these two.

Tip – Try sprinkling in a few keywords in your title and description

2. Alt text


Google cannot read pictures or JPG files, so you have to make sure on your websites backend that each picture is labeled with what is called “alt text” all this is, is a quick description of the photo in your website developer. It’s also a great way to drop in some highly effective keywords. If you fail to label each picture, it will hurt your rankings! Be sure to label all photos explaining in a way where they are relevant on any given page of information for example if one has an real estate brokerage with a picture on their site of their brokerage, the alt text on the picture would be something like “real estate brokerage in the neighborhood of San Jose California” Don’t overthink it but drop something relevant to the page that google can take in account.


3. Headers


The H tags are the first thing that Google sees when they load your website. These little pieces of information give a Birdseye view to what your website is about, like a first impression. Headers are simply the heading pieces of copy on your site. If you look at all the headers, it should tell the story of the webpage by itself without any of the details. The importance of the headers go by number H1 being the most important to H6 being the least.


TIP - Make sure there’s only one main headline (H1) for each page, that’s all you need and anything else will hurt google rankings

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Part 2 (Off-Site SEO)

Offsite SEO means more than just on-page optimization. A few things that go into off site Search Console, but the main one is back linking - which refers to other websites with your domain linked onto them or talking about who you are through reviews and mentions from other sites ranking higher in Google's SERPs (search engine result pages). If these external links have high trust levels, then they will give an even bigger boost for ranked position! It’s important not only strive towards having good content; we want a diverse sources so that Google trusts your site a little easier.


Quick Fixes to Boost Your Rankings Today

Most websites are not properly optimized on site, start with the above on site recommendations and see if that doesn’t get a little more calls to your business.



You care about your company. You want to do the best possible job for it, which is why we went into such detail on all aspects of SEO today! To recap: an optimized site will rank higher in search engine rankings and drive more traffic through content marketing efforts - building trust with potential customers by showing them how knowledgeable you are based off page content.



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