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If you're running a business, its vital to get as much attention as possible. One way to do this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process of ranking your site and pages for specific keywords to show up in the Google results page (SERP’S). There are a lot of strategies used to accomplish this based off the data one gathers however the core principles are the same, let's take a dive into the organic marketing bully, SEO.

What Is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's a way to make your website rank higher in Google, Yahoo or Bing search results. The lower you appear on the page rankings (the less traffic) means that people will be less likely visit or find out about you organically unless you’re a social media guru. It’s important to emphasis SEO for any website because without an optimized site - meaning having content ranking well across many keywords – anyone who types "your business industry” will never find you through Google.

How Does Google Rankings Work

In order to achieve an optimal ranking on Google or Yahoo you must first understand how google search operates. Googles bots crawl through each page that is indexed and create a map of pages available via the domain links. This data provides them with information as whether your website has good content relevant for certain keywords being searched.


In super simple terms… Google scans your site for what the words say, keep it in their database for when someone searches something relevant to your site and decides “does this website have the proper information for what this person is searching for”. 


Google will crawl the whole internet for this data and it usually takes about 3-4 weeks for this to happen.



Now that you know what’s going on in googles think, let's take a look at the two parts of SEO.

Part 1 (on site SEO)

Google's algorithm relies on the text in your website’s content, not tags or formatting. All they care about are words written on a page, the information being shared, and overall, what is this website It wants to read certain keywords and find their distribution throughout each webpage you have created for them. For example, a local pool cleaner will naturally have the word “pool cleaner & pool cleaning” a good number of times so Google will keep that data for when someone searches “pool cleaner”. 


Tip – don’t overdo your keywords when building your website, Google is hip to that and will lower your rankings.


In addition to keywords, there are three big things google will look at right off the bat.


1.  Meta Title and Meta Description



Meta title is the title of your webpage in the search engine results page it’s the big blue text that’s clickable when you search Google. Meta-description is the short insert underneath the title that explains a little of what the webpage is about, you also see this on search results.

Tip – Try sprinkling in a few keywords in your title and description

2. Alt text


As smart as Google is, it cannot read pictures or your jpeg files, it’s your job (or team you hire) to label each picture, this way google knows exactly what the image is about, not to mention you just capitalized on another opportunity to drop in a keyword. If the alt text is not fully done on each picture for each page, it will hurt your ranking as google will not have enough information to “trust” that you have the answer for the searcher. A quick example, if I and a personal training website and my site had a picture of a barbell on it, then I would label the photo with something like “personal training studio with barbells and equipment”


3. Headers


You may not know this, but Google uses a system called headers (H tags) to quickly and efficiently rank your website. They are basically snapshots or first impressions of your website based on what text you decide to make an H tag – these headers will give off their importance in telling others what your site is about you as well as who services/products those pages offer. Headers go in importance from H1 (most important) to H6 (less important) The higher up within these headers the more Google gets a sense of what your site is about at a quick glance. 

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Part 2 (off site SEO)

When it comes to SEO, one of the most important things that you need for your site is back links. Backlinks are when other websites link to yours, meaning have a clickable like to your domain. Google understands what kind/quality website this might be because everyone has their own rank determined by different factors such as ranking algorithm but mainly volume which brings us here:  We're looking at improving our sites' rankings through natural SEO friendly links from reputable sources who may also have high authority will push your rankings high. You want high authority when it comes to backlinks, otherwise you can pay for all the backlinks you want but your rankings won’t change too much. These are what we call -- “low juice”—they can still give decent results even though there isn't much power behind them but that is never the aim.



Quick fixes to boost your rankings today

Most websites are not properly optimized on site, start with the above on site recommendations and see if that doesn’t get a little more calls to your business.



Today, we learned all about SEO and how it can help your business reach new customers. If you finished this article, you are that much more knowledge than when we began - congratulations! Go out there and optimize you site!

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