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What Marketing Strategies Are Right For You?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

If you don't know where to start, if this is your first rodeo, maybe you're a first time business owner, maybe you've had past failures with marketing, maybe you don't see the value for the money in certain advertising, then stay tuned. I want to go over what marketing strategies you can utilize right now!

So, as far as advertising, what's out there? Tons of different channels or platforms that you can use now to get in front of the right customer. Tons of data for each platform that we can utilize to get in front of the right buyer intent type of person, So, let's start with paid ads.

Paid Ads

Massive amounts of platforms to choose from here. There's Facebook, there's Google, there's Bing, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat. You have banner ads, chum bucket ads, geofencing, where it's location advertising. So many different avenues here where you can pay to be presented on somebody's phone, tablet, laptop, on certain websites, anything.

Now there's good and bad to paid ads. And for more on that, you can check out this article here


Another big avenue is search engine optimization. This is where we try to rank on the first page of Google for a specific keyword phrase like” hair salon near me” This is very beneficial because people that search Google for a phrase like that, are coming to buy something. There's very high buyer intent behind Google search, so that's probably your best customer and our favorite way to promote something.

Local Search

There's local search. This is great for if you want to rank in a specific area, let's say Tacoma, Washington. You don't want to rank all over the nation. You want to rank only in Tacoma, Washington. This is great for freelancers or professionals who deal with retail locations, brick and mortar; a fencing company, a juice shop, personal trainer, chiropractor, dental hygienist. Those type of local, brick and mortar type of businesses.

Content Marketing

You have content marketing. This type of marketing is utilizing free channels, like a post on Facebook, a post on Instagram, a tweet on Twitter, a blog article, a YouTube video you put out. Things that are free channels for you to use. This is one of the best ways to do it in the beginning as well. There are tons of advantages to doing this if you do it right, if you do it with enough volume and frequency to actually get noticed but this is a good alternative to promote while you wait for the bigger drivers like SEO to kick in.

Now with all this out there, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, but with all this out there, what strategy is right for you?

The first thing you would have to have, is a plan. You'd have to have a plan in place. You have to have a marketing strategy for the leads you want. Look at how many people it takes to talk to in order to close a sale, or how many people have to see your product before buying. This lets you know the level you need to be at or the effort needed to achieve that. It allows you to think bigger. If you need to reach 500 people to get three clients and those three clients are going to satisfy your financial goals, then maybe content marketing works for you. And just content marketing alone. Maybe if you need 2000 people to see you or your product, maybe content marketing and local strategies are right for you. Maybe if you have lofty financial goals and you want to just be the Big Kahuna of your neighborhood or maybe your Western region or Eastern region or wherever, your country, maybe worldwide, maybe you look at utilizing all of them: content marketing, local rankings, search engine optimization. You take all that and then you scale it with paid advertising.

You have to have a plan in order to think how much you actually need and then you can pick the right strategy that matches. If you don’t have enough data to make a plan shoot, it’s because your marketing is nonexistent on the digital side Book a free strategy call here and let us walk you through how we can get your brand noticed.

Low hanging fruit is always going to be content marketing because it's absolutely free. You can say what you want as much as you want, you can post however many times you want, it doesn't matter what time of day it is. Content marketing, you can puke all over the internet and people will eventually see you. So if you hit that with enough volume and consistency, people will take notice to you.

If you're coming in with a little bit of money behind you, I would use all of them. Use all the avenues because you want to push yourself into the marketplace. It's hard to get noticed nowadays, because look how much content people digest every single day. There is so much they're looking at every single day, they're not going to remember you the first time. They're not going to remember you the second time they see you. Maybe even the third or fourth time they see you. Stats show it takes 7 touch points to have a customer take any kind of action, so you need to constantly be everywhere. Once they start seeing you on every platform, they see you on a YouTube video, then they pop over and they check their Facebook feed and they find you there as well. Maybe they saw an organic post you did on a social media post linking back to a blog article and they got a lot of value out of that blog article. Then they checked out your website. Then maybe they forgot about it. And then they see you again on an Instagram post and said, "Wow, you know what? I actually want to call this person. I've been watching them for a while. They definitely know what they’re talking about."

So the more you can utilize every single platform, the better. If you look at all the big companies, the biggest expense they have is marketing and advertising. So when in doubt always do as the big companies do, especially for small businesses. You can never do enough with marketing and advertising because you have to get known to get traction.

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