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SEO VS Paid ads

If you guys are brand new to marketing, digital marketing specifically. Maybe you just put up a website, maybe you want to get more customers, more traffic coming to that website, I'm going to break down how search engine optimization differs from paid advertising.

What is Search Engine Optimization??

What is search engine optimization you ask? Search engine optimization is how Google ranks your website. What page are you when someone searches “X company near me”, or “organic juice shop”, or maybe “sneaker reseller”. Whatever buyer intent search these people are searching, what Google pulls up that search engine optimization. If your website starts to pull for the searches that people are looking for, that is search engine optimization.

How do I get on the first page of Google for specific search phrases? Now there's a few ways to do this.

1. Research

First step is research. What are people searching related to your business? What phrases are they putting in that search box? What specifically are they looking for? Once you have this you can see how the keyword difficulty is for each phrase and go after low hanging fruit.

2. On-site Optimization Checklist

How well is your website optimized for those searches? Based on the research, how does your website inform them that your website has the information, that's called onsite optimization. There is a lot of keywords and keyword phrases that are being used or should be used in your website so that you can get pulled to the top of Google when someone searches anything related to your business, product, or service.

Now there are many ways to do this, but it starts with having the right data on your website and then optimizing all that data so Google likes it. Everything has to be friendly for Google. In order for you to succeed at search engine optimization, it has to be friendly for Google. Google has to be able to read it, easily understand it, and have a crystal clear understanding of what you do, who you service and what your business is about.

That will make it easier for Google to pull you to the top. So how do you do that? The right keywords or keyword phrases, enough content on your website. Don't leave a bear website with two paragraphs and say, "Hey, call to action." Then everything else happens on the backend. Optimizing pictures, labeling those, telling Google what the pictures are, checking every box that Google likes to see. Are your headers in place.

Google will pick up certain headers so how did you put the website copy together and how did you lay it on the webpage? H1 header is the main thing that Google will tell ... It's like a first impression for Google to get an understanding of your business. You should only have one of those. Then from there, it goes on to H2s, threes, fours, all the way down to sixes and then the paragraph. Okay. So there's an art form to structuring that.

3. Off-site SEO Checklist

The third thing that comes into play with SEO is offsite SEO. How many people are mentioning you from other websites? If the Facebook Homepage had a link to your website, your website would be pushed a lot of pages up if not first place. So, the more we can get other people referencing us, the higher your rankings will be.

What are the benefits of SEO?

This is our favorite topic. SEO is the bread and butter for everything for us, because it lives forever. This is the number one reason why people get SEO because the more content or the more places that refer you (your domain), they live forever. Think of it like a little seed that you plant and it grows into a tree. These little trees that were planting everywhere, they take time to grow but once grown they are pretty hard to get rid of. They will essentially live forever.

You cannot take it down. As long as your domain is active and your website is up, they will not be able to take any of that down. So organic traffic is always recommended, and this is the main benefit of SEO.

Paid Advertising

So, what's paid advertising, paid advertising is when you pay to be displayed or have your website/offer displayed in front of somebody. Facebook advertising, Google advertising, Bing advertising, YouTube advertising, etc.

You pop-up on someone's feed, or you pop-up in someone's video and say, "Hey, this is what I have to offer." Now that's really, really great in the beginning, especially if you have a little bit of money upfront and you're brand new to the marketplace, that's your Bullhorn. That's to let everybody know, hey you exist, this is what you offer. This is what you do. This is what you specialize in. That's a great way to get your foot in the door to gaining new business. However, the faster you can get off of paid advertising, the better.

Benefits of Paid Advertising

The number one benefit is speed. You can literally get your content to the marketplace as fast as a few clicks. So you can set up your ads have them run, have them be in front of people and continually run and continually be shown even while you sleep. Now, of course, your website has to be optimized for that and to be able to make transactions or to collect customer data, whatever your call to action is. But speed is the main benefit from paid advertising.


So, which one is better paid advertising or organic marketing? Both. Nowadays with digital advertising, you need to push into the marketplace. You need to be everywhere, omnipresence is what we need for digital advertising. Paid advertising is really, really good, but as soon as you stop paying for ads, you stop getting leads. Organic on the other hand, you plant those trees all the over the internet, and you'll have steady drips of leads coming in forever but it takes a little while to build.

So as your business grows, I'm a firm believer in that most of the budget should be going to marketing and advertising to get known in the marketplace. Every business's job is to grow and service customers. If you're not growing, I feel that you are shrinking. I don't believe in being stagnant in business. I believe you are either growing or dying. So, I think you should be doing both forms of advertising and then some, but I think the attention should be on organic. There is never enough marketing and advertising one can do for his or her business.

I hope you took away a few nuggets. If you're brand new to digital advertising and you're having any kind of issues. You want to book a free phone call with us, feel free to book a time below and set up a free strategy session for your business. We'll go ahead and we'll give you an audit. We'll go over a screen share where we can dissect your business, your goals, what you currently have now, what you're currently doing, what's working and what we can add to it. Totally free. 100% free of charge, no obligation. We just love seeing people succeed. So if that's something that interests you, go ahead book now.

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