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Small business owners are often overwhelmed and don't know where to start with their marketing. They're usually not sure how to find the
right marketing strategy for their business, which is why most of them fail in growing a sustainable online presence. Fortunately for them
Splash Media serves as a digital marketing consultant to help business owners find the right way of growing their online presence and revenue.
We will take the time to analyze your business, looking into your market competition, target audience, goals, etc. We'll then map out a
sustainable strategy that will get you quick results within the first 3 months and it only snowballs from there.

digital marketing strategy

As you've probably noticed by now, your competition has
been investing heavily in online channels such as SEO, social
media and content creation. If you want to stay ahead of the
game and grow your business sustainably then we can help
you out!! We offer marketing consulting services to help you focus and
grow successfully within your target market. Whether it's
getting more leads or increasing sales, we'll deliver results
that will help you to sustain those results for years. There is
no one-size-fits all strategy here as every business owner
has different needs and wants. This is why we prefer
working closely with our clients to ensure the right practices
are being implemented and done with sophistication.
Whether a big business or small business marketing consultant,
we have the tools and expertise to help you hit lofty targets this year!

Splash Media offers a variety of services that will take care
of all aspects of digital marketing so that you can focus on
what's important- running your business! We offer
everything from website design & development, search
engine optimization (SEO) services, digital advertising
management & social media campaign planning/execution.
Our team consists of experts who have worked with small
businesses across the United States for over 8 years; our
aim is simple - we want to make sure that every client gets
the best online results! No matter if your searching for a freelance
marketing consultant or even a search engine marketing consultant,
we will play the role you need in your business to get to the next level.


Our consulting services begin with just that; a consultation.
Once we gather the data about you, your story, your company,
your customer, and your goals, we put our expertise to work
constructing a business and marketing scheme. We'll map out
tactical roadmaps and tools that will help you reach your goals,
and put processes in place to sustain those results over time.

content planning consultant
advertising consultant brainstorm



With media buying your ads needs to reflect your brand in an alluring and fresh way, all while targeting the correct
demographic or customer persona.  If you can't do that correctly then you'll be wasting money and your ads will fall flat.

publicity consultant



Our PR and media relations services feature a balance between traditional and new forms of communication, in
an effort to remain efficient in our approach. We work closely with you to identify the appropriate platforms for
pitching your services or products.



Highly effective, highly researched and targeted campaigns to grow your business in a way where your marketing efforts now, will pay dividends for years to come. The content should continue to acquire new leads and
customer for your business naturally.

digital advertising stratigies


Marketing through social media is crucial for any type of business, as it allows you to directly influence your customers. It's also an easy way to reach out to potential new customers and promote your products/services in a cost effective manner. With Splash Media you'll have the know how in your corner to make content stretch for the biggest return.


Let us help your small business grow and prosper. Contact us today to schedule a free, no strings attached consultation. We can't wait to work with you!

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