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Digital Marketing That Brings You Leads

Killer online Marketing and SEO that bring in quality,
not just quantity. Use your website as a tool to drive
traffic NOW with help from our seasoned team.

Work with an

Experienced team

Of inside marketers committed to your
business success

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digital marketing office Oakland CA

You need a digital marketing campaign - and we need you as a client, but you don't want just another cookie-cutter marketing agency or someone who is

fresh off of a marketing course to handle your advertising - you want an

experienced, dedicated partner.

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Creative font spelling the word SEO for search engine optimization

That's the client experience we want here at
Splash Media Marketing

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Leverage years of


You want more leads because you want to grow your
business - great! Driving leads are want we do best! From

strategic website design to dominating your local search and
scaling big with paid advertising, we will do it all for you
and deliver 5x more for 1/3 the price of our competitors.

Easy accessible, customer first


We get personal. Our proactive account management team is a

powerhouse that responds to all client inquiries almost instantly. That means

we're always here for you to answer your questions and address any


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marketing team brainstorming a content strategy as part of clients digital marketing plan

Work with the best

With experience comes perspective. We are a fully stacked team of marketing and SEO
geniuses, every one of us are with at least 7+ years of experience. With Splash Media
you will surely get the best of the best.

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Benefit from the elite


Because we've been doing this for so long, we've made

serval partnerships and contacts that we can lean on for
client's results. Your business will be getting high-tier
connections that will establish trust with search
engines and get attention on every platform. We are THE go to for a San Francisco marketing agency

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How can we serve you

an iMac displaying a new high converting website design

High Converting
Website Design

Google analytics showing organic keyword ranking

Organic Keyword Ranking

a handfull of dollars made from a PPC campaign ROI

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Checklist showing set up of Google My business optimization

Local Rank Domination


picture of a website with marketing analytics

Why do I need a website?

Your website is the first place someone can find out information about your business... Instantly. 6
billion people are on the internet and 80% visit the company website BEFORE making a buying
decision. Be where your customers are.

website design checklist

What does a great website do?

No one needs a website but every business needs leads. Websites need to serve as place to
get attention, warm prospects and convert prospects (go to your storefront, buy a product, set an
appointment etc.)

We build websites not from a web developers mind but a marketers mind - that is a massive
difference. Find out more on our website design services here.

iMac with website optimization for a web design project

What will other web design companies build for me?

Our competitors will build you a "pretty" website with no angle on driving traffic to it. They will
require you provide the copy/written content, they will not test for conversion, they will not do on-site 
SEO, they will not show you how to utilize a blog, they will not share with you the marketing
secrets we have mastered over the years.

Simply put, they build you a website... who cares!

Backlink referals

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it means optimizing your website for specific
keywords or keywords searches. So for an example, if you are an plumber and someone 
searches Google or Bing for "plumbing contractor XYZ area" Google will show your business
website IF your website is properly optimized with SEO.

an idea brought together to solve a clients marketing needs

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO offers many benefits, the biggest one being that the leads are extremely high buyer intent leads,

meaning a potential client has a problem and they are looking for service NOW. Another reason is

 that organic lives forever, so once you rank for your keywords, your website is on "easy street" and will
continue to bring in fresh leads for you all the time. That means when you pass your business to the
next of kin in the far future, they will be getting a stream of leads from the work you do today!

puzzle piece to signify the missing piece in a customers digital marketing

How will others handle my SEO?

Ouch! Our competitors will pitch you "long tail keywords" these are crazy long searches like
"plumbing contractor who is licensed and works in residential" they will tell you once you rank for the
easy searches like tis, you can easily rank for "plumbing contractor" in the searches.

They will bleed your wallet for 12-18 months to rank for a ridiculous search then tell you, "we need to
pivot". How do we know this? We've hired them in the past and this is why we formed this company.

metric bar showing the average SEO ranking time

How long does ranking take?

Hard to rank keywords: typically around 12 months, but with Splash Media, you can likely see results

in 6-8 months.

Easier ranking industries: typically 3-6 months.

It will ultimately depend on your industry's competition - the more competition, the harder/longer

it will take to rank. Again, what ever you are trying to search for, we guarantee you that we can rank

it, andrank it faster than our competitors.

computer showing metrics on radius marketing

What is local ranking and how long will it take?

Local ranking is from Google My Business and they are local search rankings. They are separate from
organic search rankings and they have their own systems - we can rank those in as little as 3 months.

When someone searches for a keyword that is related to your business the goal should be: dominate

the local, the organic, THEN the paid ads found on the of the top page. So when people search for

your keywords, they see you on Google's first page (a whopping three times!).

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